Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I believe this maybe going bye bye....

At least for a while.... Until I am old enough to start doing this stuff on my own.  It is a whole lot easier to blog on 1 site...  Let's just leave it there for a while.  Every once in a while I imagine something will come up like my 1st birthday or graduation, or marriage, but for now... LATER!! 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Exciting Weekend

Let's see I did eat, sleep, and poop this weekend, but I also got to go hiking with my brother (Kona), mom and dad.  We went to Cougar Mtn but didn't see any cougars.  I also got to go to Bellevue Square for the first time, but I don't remember anything!  I slept almost the whole time.  My mom did wake me up once to feed me in Nordstroms, then we to Maggiano's for dinner, but again I slept through the whole thing!

Pictures to come soon!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Parents, My Dog, and I

I am pretty sure I look sexy!!
I have already been in the boat! My life jacket should last me a while!

My dad likes to tickle these A LOT!

Mommy and Me (again)

I know how to strike a pose

Mommy needs her beauty Sleep

My Dad sleeps a lot!

My Family is pretty good looking
He Likes to hide sometimes
Kona and I are Friends

I got my picture taken!

I have been blessed by great friends and family in life, and since I have been born so many people have given me lots of cool presents, and my parents lots of great food!  One of the neatest, most original gifts was given to me by my "auntie" Megs, and her family.  They gave us a 2hr photo session with her friend "Coffey."

Me and my big brother (and BEST FRIEND!)
I feel like I put on my good face for the pictures!  I just hope that Erin felt the same way when she was taking my pictures. 
Mommy and Me

Nap Time

I am home now!

Grandpa Birdy and I
Grandma Birdy and I
My 2 cousin's Austin, Ryanne, and I
Grandma Crosby and I
Aunt Michelle and I
Aunt Jill and I

Monday, August 30, 2010

They Day of Celebration!

I know that I posted just a second ago, and I know that I am supposed to be 5 months into gestation, but like I said earlier, I am a miracle.  So we are going to skip ahead 4 months!

My parents decided that they couldn't wait any longer to meet me so they went to the hospital to have me induced.  After several hours it was 8-9-10 and for my dad and grandpa we thought it would be a great day for me to be born, since it would be super easy for them to remember (it was also they day before my dad's birthday so that would be fun to share this with him!)


Here are my parents getting ready for me to start my life in the world!!!!

Hi! It's Me!

I am a very very special person!  I am what my parents call "A Miracle!"  At this point it is too early in my life to understand why, but I am going to roll with it. 

Here I am only 5 months into gestation.
I like this picture because it shows the world what a model I already am!  I love to sleep and I love to strike a pose! 

My parents are also a little behind the times with technology so the beginning of this blog is going to seem like it is all over the place. 

The 1st few post are gonig to be very short, sweet, LATE, and a "getting to know" me type of a blog.  That is until they can catch up to me an my active lifestlye that I am already leading!  LIFE is going to be so much fun!  It is only a matter of time until I am getting around MUCH MUCH FASTER than my parents!  Although they are pretty fast.